Why you should choose a boutique property agency

Why you should choose a boutique property agency

Look, we get it. You may be tempted to sell your house on your own, but we’re going to convince you to work with a boutique property agency instead. We’ll outline the benefits and demonstrate why you shouldn’t shy away from investing in a great service to help you sell your home. 

This is an important sale in your life, let professionals help you to do it right.

What is a boutique agency

Some people may think of boutique real estate agencies as exclusive or too small to make it in a competitive market. In reality, they are highly specialised businesses with an emphasis on customer service and professionalism. 

Our boutique agency ensures that you receive professional representation in all types of real estate transactions – from quaint condos to sprawling estates and everything in between. Our entire staff will be on hand to assist you in a smooth and skilled transaction, not just your broker.

We are here for you

We understand that each client has different needs. So, instead of focusing on the number of homes that we buy or sell, we concentrate our efforts on customer service. After all, it’s your opinion that matters and we will strive for your satisfaction. We’re not here to build a business empire, we want to ensure that our community thrives through homeownership. 

Your community is our community. 

Local market mastery

We’ve cultivated a professional environment with team members who are very good at what they do. We boast agents of a high calibre because we are very selective when it comes to building our team. Our agents are professional, highly experienced and have incomparable market knowledge.

Jeff Miles is a happy client. He says: “Working with Sara Muir Real Estate has been an incredible journey. Having an attentive team who meets you, appraises your house in person, and walks you through listing and selling your property was great for me as the customer.”   

Focused care

The marketing campaigns of boutique agencies are better tailored to each property's specific needs. We have a local in-house team that’s dedicated to reducing your waiting times. Properties are listed timeously to ensure that the best potential buyer sees them immediately.  

How we work 

The first step is to get a property appraisal which involves getting an unbiased opinion of your property. This puts us in the best position to better understand your unique home’s character and charm. We list your property to ensure it gets the attention it needs, and then we sell it. Et voilà!

There is no better time than now to list your property with us. Empower yourself with the property services you can trust. Contact Sara Muir Real Estate and let's get you a buyer.