Sara Muir Real Estate

Established in 1994 Sara Muir Real Estate quickly became recognized as the leading small boutique agency south of the river. Our professional hands on approach, ability to provide after hours service and going above and beyond our normal duties ensures we hold the number one position in this niche market place.

Providing both sales and property management our friendly team are always willing to discuss your real estate needs. With a highly experienced Sales Team, Sara Muir Real Estate is the one to call whether you are buying or selling.

Working with the Best

"Working with Sara Muir Real Estate has been an incredible journey. Having an attentive team who meets you, appraises your house in person, and walks you through listing and selling your property was great for me as the customer. The teams were always available to chat, follow up and bring prospective buyers to our home. We sold at a top value in a short amount of time."

Jeff Miles

List your Property

With the very experienced Sara Muir at the helm, the Sales team is well prepared and knowledgeable with everything to do with sales. Are you frustrated with your existing property manager or tenant? At Sara Muir Real Estate we keep it simple, we understand your needs regarding your investment property.

We understand that the ongoing management, including maximising your investment returns and keeping a high-quality tenant is very important to you. Call us today to discuss all your buying, selling and property management needs!

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